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Unbridled inspiration

By Françoise de Céligny UNIVERS DES ARTS N 136, November 2008

The both disillusioned and comical look of Saré's characters sometimes leaves us dreaming, sometimes worried. There is indeed a strange atmosphere between dream and reality in his works which can bewilder and seduce at the same time.

The grotesque attitudes and faces are reminiscent of certain caricatures dating from the Middle Ages or the fantasy of the illustrations adorning the tales and legends of our childhood. Saré's atypical style transports us into a playful universe where reason seems to lose the battle in favour of a delicious poetry. This is how little winged old ladies ride on turkeys, dress like good little girls or wear extravagant hats. With a melancholic, slightly absent look, they stand straight in their refined clothes, delightful with their delicate hands and feet. One can guess the creative jubilation of the artist who presided over their pictorial existences, through their picturesque attitudes.

Little by little, we become familiar with the unusual activities of these singular creatures who evolve before our eyes, describing an ambiguous population, which nevertheless makes us remember very real people who are part of our acquaintances... Saré has created an aesthetic where lyricism rubs shoulders with the baroque in complete complicity with a welcome touch of humour as a medium. In his paintings, seriousness is happily mixed with a smile against a backdrop of latent anxiety. With her gentle madness, the artist tells of the tensions and joys of a parallel humanity that bears striking resemblances to our own.

Born in Armenia, Saré has lived and worked in Paris since 1991. She has acquired French nationality and exhibits regularly. Her career, which is not influenced by contemporary trends and fashions, bears witness to her authentic and independent character. Far from wanting to seduce or give in to current events, Saré works, giving free rein to her unbridled inspirations, and this, for our greatest pleasure.



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