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The Mouvances gallery is dedicating an exhibition to the artist Evgénia Sarkisian, better known under the name of Saré.

Born in 1959 in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, Evgenia Sarkisian trained as a stage and costume designer for theatre and film at the Academy of Fine Arts in her native city, graduating in 1982. She was soon spotted by the Stanislavski National Dramatic Theatre, where she had a successful first career as a set designer. However, she was passionate about the plastic arts, of which she mastered many aspects, including engraving and sculpture, and it was in painting that she found the creative freedom to which she aspired. In 1991, she decided to move to Paris to devote herself exclusively to this mode of expression.

Mainly exhibited in France, Luxembourg, Russia and the United States, she has managed to win over a large public thanks to her graphic universe, technically realistic and thematically grotesque, situated somewhere between the ironic expressionism proper to the Slavic world of the second twentieth century and the aesthetic flamboyance of the Flemish portraits and still lifes of the Western Middle Ages.

The important exhibition organised in the heart of Paris by the Galerie Mouvances is a unique opportunity for the French public to get to know this fascinating universe in a particularly relevant setting.

By Thibaud Josset, Univers des Arts No 178, 2015

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