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Enchantment between painting and dream vision
Par Stefania Maggiulli Alfieri, Art Sociologist and Critic, Italy, 2018


Evgenia Saré attracts immediate attention thanks to the playful sense that transpires from her works, a game poised between fairy tale and illusion, reality and visions of the same. Evgenia plays on the human figure by deforming it, accentuating its features in an ironic and sometimes irreverent way, she plays on the roles and the emotional and character aspects of the subjects, nothing is however simplified, inevitable are the references to 13th century Flemish painting, Gothic subjects, cathedral decorations. The artist interprets contemporary reality by dressing it up and reinterpreting it with refined detail, each work is a tale, a story in itself. His works are dressed in a bitter-sweet lyricism, subjects that are improbable yet so real, so emotionally involving. The artist masters the technique, the layout is now rich and overcrowded with details, now sparse, recreating a rarefied atmosphere that emphasises the subjects, the colour is pure and creates luminous and vivid atmospheres. If we consider the artist's production as a whole, we find ourselves in front of an 'alter' reality, a psychological and dreamlike one in which individual mirroring becomes possible, even in the grotesque representation of the human condition. His vision becomes a common one, impossible to escape the eternal play of roles, poised between the objective and the psychological, in this sense the brush in the artist's hands is like a burin that rather than sketching, mercilessly etches into the contradictory realities of man. 

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